An RF Module is an individual RF Amplifier. A System is made up of many RF modules.

All RF modules require adequate heat sinks. Fans may also be required depending on the particular module. Please consult the factory.

This depends on the particular included options inside the Amplifier. Please refer to the Operators Manual for the included options.

Generally there is no price difference for connector placement. However, there are some Amplifier Systems that will require substantial internal redesign to relocate from the normal connector locations. Please consult the factory.

It includes instructions on the proper operation of the amplifier.

Please consult the factory for any request for optional chassis style.

Please refer to the Specification Sheet for the particular amplifier in question.

The difference refers to how the RF semiconductors are biased. A Class A amplifier will provide very linear amplification at the cost of very low DC to RF efficiency, which translates directly into heat and size of the amplifier system. A Class AB amplifier is a compromise of good linearity, high efficiency and small size.

All standard amplifiers can withstand reflective power equal to “10% of full power rating.” Please consult the factory per you requirements.

OPHIR RF designs and manufactures its products in the USA.